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CNC Machining and Milling

CNC machining, also known as CNC milling, is a process that automates machine tool operation using precisely programmed computer commands. CNC machining was adopted as the industry standard in the late 1960s and has remained a popular machining method to this day. 


Casting is the process of pouring liquefied material, such as molten metal, into the cavity of a specially designed mould and allowing it to harden. The specimen is removed from the mould after solidification to different finishing treatments or to be used as a final product. 

Contract Manufacturing

When a manufacturing company lacks specific in-house CNC machining capabilities, it will contract these tasks out to other companies in order to save money and time. In-house machining costs money for expensive equipment, experienced workers, and space for the new operation.


Fabrication is a broad term that refers to the industrial processes that convert raw materials into finished parts. Metal fabrication, in particular, refers to the processes that shape metal sheet and other metals into finished products.

Job Work

Die Casting, Sand Casting, Casting Mould, Moulding Die, and Pillar Die Set are just a few of the services we offer. We provide these products in accordance with current market trends and deliver them on time to the client’s location.


Quality Precision CNC Services with Expertise

CNC Machining and Milling

Precise CNC machining: Expertise in lathe, milling, turning. Complex parts crafted with accuracy, meeting high standards.


Casting pours molten material into molds, creating solid/hollow structures for various applications like automotive, aerospace.

Contract Manufacturing

Outsourcing CNC tasks saves costs, time. Specialist produces parts, hiring company’s brand is applied. Efficient focus.


Fabrication turns raw materials into finished parts; metal fabrication shapes metal sheets into end products.

Job Work

We offer Die/Sand Casting, CNC VMC job work, and machining services with precision, modern machinery, and client satisfaction.

About Us

Our company manufactures, exports, and provides contract work including high-quality Precision CNC Machining milling Services, casting and fabrication services. These components are widely used in the automobile industry for a variety of installation tasks and other related tasks. Moreover, we manufacture these milling parts in our well-equipped facility using quality-assured stainless steel. Our team of highly skilled experts tests the offered components to ensure that they work flawlessly.

We have been able to provide our valued clients with high-quality CNC Turning Component Job Work thanks to the efforts of diligent and skilled professionals. This service is provided by our skilled professionals who use high-quality tools and machines as well as modern techniques. The offered service provide our clients with the best solution for providing a smooth and long-lasting finish to their metallic products. The provided service is completed within the time frame specified. Furthermore, this service is available to our valued clients at industry-leading prices.

Milling, lathing, and turning on multiple axes are all part of our contract manufacturing services. Finishing services can be tailored to produce finished, ready-to-use parts. We invest in our machinery on a regular basis and use cutting-edge technology to improve efficiency and effectiveness for our customers. We ensure the quality and attention to detail demanded by the industry sectors with which we collaborate.

Briva Industries is Casting Manufacturer Industry in Rajkot Gujarat India

Manufacturer of Cnc Machining Services – CNC Milling Machining Service, Cnc Traub Machine Job Works, Pp Roller and Milling Machine Job Work offered by Briva Industries.

With the help of well-informed professionals, we are occupied in Manufacturer & Supplier of Precision Micro CNC Milling Machine in Rajkot, Gujarat, India. With the increasing complexity and precision of work pieces, the requirements on State Of The Art Of Micro Machining and High Speed Machining have become increasingly demanding.  we are  manufacturer casting, sand casting manufacturer, investment casting manufacturer, Die Casting, Model Casting  milling As compared to conventional machining systems, the new Micro CNC Milling offers significant advantages in the Ultra-Precision, Micro machining and High Speed Milling Technology.  Briva Industries is  Casting Manufacturer Industry in Rajkot Gujarat India


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